Micro Systems supporting Meet the Employer event at Wigan & Leigh College

On Monday, 22nd April 2024, Alex and George presented Micro Systems at the Meet the Employer event at Wigan & Leigh College, giving students insights about apprenticeship opportunities at Micro Systems. 

Wigan & Leigh College has been leading the way since 1857 in providing students with quality education and training, through exceptional teaching, support and guidance over an extensive range of academic, technical, vocational and apprenticeship courses. This is a great opportunity for Micro Systems to meet their talented students who are looking to take on new career challenges in mold making and injection molding. 

Micro Systems mold apprentice

Photo: Alex Clark and George Rusu at the Meet the Employer event at Wigan & Leigh College

George Rusu, Micro Systems’ Toolroom Manager and Alex Clark, from Marketing & Sales Department, represented Micro Systems with outstanding medical mold tools and micro injection molded parts, and explained to students any questions related to life as an apprentice at Micro Systems. With the growing skills gap in the manufacturing and engineering industries in the UK, sustainable and fulfilling apprenticeship programmes like those at Micro Systems could greatly benefit both the company and the young apprentices. At Micro Systems, through our apprenticeships, we have a long-standing commitment to fostering professional development and promising futures. Each year, we take on a number of apprentices and give them opportunities to receive on-going training from senior engineers and technicians from day 1 with a clear path of career development. 

Micro moulding expert csr

Photo: Apprentices always receive the best support from the whole team at Micro Systems 

Apprenticeship brings great benefits to both employers and workers. Apprentices can help fill the skills gap, offer a new and motivating atmosphere in the workplace, and they bring a great way to diversify the workforce. For apprentices, they do not have to pay tuition fees, while making a living and advancing their knowledge and skills at the same time. Furthermore, apprentices will gain a good position in the labour market after completing their apprenticeship, as many businesses tend to continue employing them as full-time employees. Studies have indicated that apprenticeships considerably increase production in the United Kingdom. According to a National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) analysis, the UK economy benefited by £21 for every pound invested in apprenticeships.

We look forward to receiving any interest from students who wish to apply as an apprentice at Micro Systems. Please contact us at info@microsytems.uk.com or pay us a visit at  101 Golborne Enterprise Park, Warrington, WA3 3GR.