Micro Systems is forward thinking and making advances in micro and nano manufacturing processes. We utilize many ground breaking techniques to solve complex micro manufacturing problems and significant progress is being made as we move from micro to nano manufacturing.

Medical Device

  • Drug delivery system: micro needle, injector pen, auto injector pen, soft mist inhaler, etc.
  • Medical Micro: PEEK Bone Implants
  • Surgical components.
  • Other customized medical device applications as required.
peek bone implant conformal cooling capillary clamps
PEEK bone implants Conformal Cooling Capillary clamps
medical tool medical tool peek implant
Ultra-precision tool Ultra-precision tool PEEK implant


Diagnostic Device – Microfluidics

  • Filtration, Mixing, Droplet Generation features
  • Low, Medium, High-Volume production moulding
  • Optical chambers < 20nm Ra
  • 10-50 micron typical feature size, 0.5 micron repeatable accuracy
microfluidic chip microfluidic chip detail small
Microfluidic chip Microfluidic chip Microfluidic chip
microfluidic chip line microfluidic chip mold microfluidic chip commercial
Microfluidic chip Microfluidic chip mold Microfluidic chip


Medical Mold Design & Manufacture

  • Single Cavity Prototype
  • 2-4 Cavity Pre-production molds
  • 8-32 Cavity Full Production molds
  • 2 material molds
  • Micro molds
Medical mold Mold cavity Mold machining
Medical Mold Multiple cavity Mold Ultra-precision Mold
Micro medical mold Micro mold Mold design
Medical Mold Micro Mold Mold Design to Manufacture


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iso 13485 micro mold
iso 9001 micro mold