Tailored GF Mikron Mill X 400 – A new addition to Micro System’s modern technology

In the first week of April 2023, Micro Systems received the delivery of a new GF Mikron Mill X 400, tailor-made specifically to meet our high accuracy requirements. 

Tailored GF Mikron Mill X 400 -

GF Mikron Mill X 400

The new GF Mikron Mill X 400 further improves Micro Systems’s productivity and increases the capacity of our medical mold production. This latest addition of the combined milling and grinding technologies, exceptionally high machine dynamics and consistent thermal stability and precision, secure and reduce our manufacturing process for optimal surface quality. With the support of GF Mikron Mill X 400, experienced engineers at Micro Systems could continue expanding our possibilities, reaching new levels of perfected complex-part production, higher productivity, long-lasting precision and performance reliability. 

GF Mikron Mill X 400

The new GF Mikron Mill X 400 can achieve reductions of 7% in daily energy consumption compared to the previous generations thanks to a change to a new CNC, which supports Micro Systems on its journey to perform better in energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.

The importance of technology investment

Along with our new CT Scanner, this takes 2023 Q1 investment in top-of-the-line tech and machinery well above £500k, as Micro System’s continues our long track record of providing excellence for our customers. 

Being widely acknowledged as one of the most technically-advanced medical mold-making facilities in Europe, we only invest in the ultimate precision mold manufacturing, with all machining carried out in temperature controlled clean workshops. Understanding the strict requirements and the fast-moving miniaturization trend where customers are asking for smaller and smaller parts, Micro Systems is no stranger to investing in the latest technology and machinery of the industry.   

GF Mikron Mill X 400

Our top-of-the-range technology and machinery offer our existing and potential customers cutting-edge and innovative solutions, with the possibility for them to bring new products to the market within a shorter time frame. Supported by capacity to deliver turnkey projects, we can also adapt more quickly to any changing requirements and preferences from our customers, increasing their productivity and capacity. 

Having access to the most recent technology empowers our employees, raising their satisfaction level and productivity, at the same time, allowing them to achieve new levels that may not be possible with the current equipment. The automation integration in many equipment could also replace repetitive tasks and accelerate any procedure that takes a lot of time or effort, freeing up our employees so that they can focus on other important tasks. Additionally, new equipment with additional safety measures helps us create a safer and more enjoyable workplace, with minimized equipment breakdown and injuries, hence overall increasing employees’ happiness and satisfaction. 

micro molding facility

In addition, the application of the latest technology helps Micro Systems minimize waste. Newer equipment is generally more energy efficient, which will increase our savings while lowering environmental effects, giving us a more competitive advantage and making us more appealing to customers. 

Purchasing new equipment is significantly important for Micro Systems to stay competitive in this challenging micro molding market. We consider our huge decisions in technology and R&D as an investment for both short term and long term, to benefit ourselves and our customers, and ultimately our end-users.

micro molding equipment

Micro Systems specializes in the design, manufacture and validation of ultra precision micro molds for the medical, pharmaceutical and optical markets, at the same time, the development and use of micro and nano technologies in the design and manufacture of injection molded components. We have a dedicated micro molding facility, and have ISO13485 and ISO9001 certifications. For more information, please Contact us or visit our website